10 Attractive android tutorials for developers

1. OpenGL ES 2.0

This tutorial shows you how to create a simple Android application that uses the OpenGL ES 2.0 API to perform some basic graphics operations.

2. Android Development Tutorial

This tutorial describes how to create Android applications with Eclipse. This is very long tutorial, but also most detailed.
Android Development Tutorial

3. Android SDK Tutorial – Learn how to install Android SDK

Tutorial describes how to install the Android SDK and set up your development environment for the first time.
Android SDK Tutorial

4. Using Facebook SDK in Android development

In this tutorial I show you an android application, which logging in to Facebook, then get the Facebook ID.
Using Facebook SDK

5. Drawing with Canvas in Android, Saving your drawings

This is one of tutorials from series of topics for drawing with canvas on android.
Drawing with Canvas

6. Android Google Maps Tutorial

In this tutorial we will see how to incorporate Google Maps into an Android app.
Android Google Maps Tutorial

7. Android location service example

This tutorial will help you to start using location services (in particular: LocationManager class to get user location and Geocoder to translate location into addresses) and Google Maps on Android.
Android location service example

8. Working With Android Contacts

Learn to work with the Android contacts database. Basic knowledge of accessing SQLite in Android along with using Cursors is expected.
Working With Android Contacts

9. How to calculate the distance between two GPS coordinates?

A simple function that takes two GPS coordinates as input and outputs the distance between them in meter.

10. How To Create Android Live Wallpaper

In this article tells how to create live wallpaper from scratch. Step-by-step, we will create live wallpaper that would output TV test pattern on out home screen.
How To Create Android Live Wallpaper