Secrets of Lightning & Dielectric Breakdown Phenomena

Secrets of Lightning

Visual images of lightning that many people want to know, it is how lightning strikes the human body? Here's a picture of a person being struck by lightning, but not dying:

Secrets of Lightning
Figure 1: Person who was struck by lightning but not killed, and a trace of lightning on his back

There was a very well-publicized case of an elderly gentleman who was supposedly cured of his blindness and deafness by a lightning strike. Physicians and neuroscientists who were consulted on this knew that these were hysterical complaints suffered as a result of a truck accident many years before but forbade the press to quote them out of respect for the gentleman.

In fact, less than 20% of people are struck by lightning leading to death. Therefore, lightning current cannot be expressed in Amps. No one could use the ammeter to measure the current of lightning, but the amperage of the lightning in question was due to the calculation. According to calculations, the electric current of lightning is 30,000 Amps. Why, then, do people who have been struck by lightning do not die or be burned down?

Here is Wikipedia's lightning study that shows a person who was struck by lightning must die:

  • Lightning is a naturally occurring electrostatic discharge during which two electrically charged regions in the atmosphere or ground temporarily equalize themselves, causing the instantaneous release of as much as one gigajoule of energy
  • This discharge may produce a wide range of electromagnetic radiation, from very hot plasma created by the rapid movement of electrons to brilliant flashes of visible light in the form of black-body radiation. Lightning causes thunder, a sound from the shock wave which develops as gases in the vicinity of the discharge experience a sudden increase in pressure. Lightning occurs commonly during thunderstorms and other types of energetic weather systems, but volcanic lightning can also occur during volcanic eruptions.
  • The electric current of the return stroke averages 30 kiloamperes for a typical negative CG flash, often referred to as "negative CG" lightning. In some cases, a ground to cloud (GC) lightning flash may originate from a positively charged region on the ground below a storm. These discharges normally originate from the tops of very tall structures, such as communications antennas. The rate at which the return stroke current travels has been found to be around 100,000 km/s.

Analyze the problem:

The notion that "hot Plasma" are made up of rapidly moving electrons is unreasonable.
Because of the following reasons:

  • Many theories and experiments show that Electrons do not exist. You can still accept that Electrons exist but still lead to paradox.
  • The current in a vacuum tube is thought to be the flow of electrons, and looks exactly like lightning, and it is thought to be the plasma in a vacuum tube. However, the vacuum tube still produces hot Plasma when the "control voltage" is applied with positive values. Example 2 spheres A and B are two metals always in the state of losing all free electrons, and at A the potential is Va, at B is Vb, with the condition |Va - Vb| = m > 0. And of course absolute value |Va - Vb| = m, must be qualified for the duty of Plasma control in a vacuum tube. Obviously there are no Electrons, but Plasma is present. This proves that the theory of Electron is inaccurate.

If you think that lightning is the flow of an electron, then it would not explain the phenomenon: lightning only hits the skin of a person, meaning there is no damage, burned inside the body.

Because there are metallic elements, salts, ions, etc. in the body. In general, the human body is the place where electrons prefer to enter over air. But the Electron current does not go deep inside the body, or the Electron flow will be the intermediate factor for the electric current in the ionized form. This is absurd.

Note: all statistics about people who have been struck by lightning show that they only suffer burns on the skin, burns, not burns inside the body.

So what is the nature of Lightning?

Capitalism has changed science. That evil builder is the elite, capitalism. So academic education does not tell us the nature of lightning. But there are still people who know the nature of lightning. These are people who learn from precise materials about electricity, materials created by geniuses like Nikola Tesla, "God" of electricity - Charles Proteus Steinmetz, etc.
Eric P. Dollard is one of those who understands the true nature of lightning.

Eric Dollard's brief explanation of lightning:
"It's a saturation (of the energy in the water, holding more force than the air which is releasing electricity that has nowhere to go), it's moving in sideways. The energy density is so high at that point that the fire appears and that's why there is the blast."
"So the lightning is not moving vertically, it's a saturation collapse coming in horizontally and it produces what is called this impulse current. It's a saturation into counterspace." Source:

To understand the nature of lightning, we need to understand:
To understand the nature of lightning qualitatively and accurately, I would give a few words as follows:

Ether is a major substance. filled in the universe, it is invisible, unbreakable. This also means that it is impossible to create a void where nothing is present. From classical physics to modern physics have to recognize this.

The dielectric is another method of Ether, the dielectric field is the changing state of the Ether. If Ether is in a similar way water, then magnetism is the movement of water, such as a clockwise magnetic swirl of a wire; The dielectric is "ice", if the ice has elastic properties. It is Ether in an altered state.

Matter is the dielectric condenses in different states. The sky, the layers of the atmosphere contain many different states of dielectric, leading to the formation of many capacitors connected in series: earth - cloud; cloud with steam, steam with the upper layer, etc.

Because of the fluctuation of matter or the change of the dielectric at different layers of the atmosphere, leading to the formation of capacitors, while the capacitors are charged. Each capacitor in the sky consists of two plates. Now consider the one closest to the earth. On the side adjacent to the plate, there are clouds. steam, wind. This results in a small difference between the 2 regions on a single plate, resulting in a dielectric rush to 1 point.

When the dielectric on 1 capacitor plate rushes to one point, leading to the dielectric lines on the 2 plates also rush to one point. See this figure:

When the dielectric line has not rushed to one point:

Secrets of Lightning
Figure 2: Lightning is about to happen

When the dielectric line rushed to a point, it was also lightning - electric explosion:

Secrets of Lightning
Figure 3: The nature of lightning is electrostatic dielectric discharge into the environment

The essence of lightning is the discharge of a temporarily condensed dielectric (electrostatic dielectric) into the environment. Electrostatic discharge requires a discharge environment. That medium is where the less saturated dielectric is: "counterspace". And the path (the discharge path of the dielectric) must be the sum of the counterspaces put together.

Counterspace is also the dielectric as the measurement of capacitance. Information about counterspace:

Energy in its most arch-typical form is embodied in the phenomenon of Electricity, but what is Electricity? Now our wheels even more stuck in the mud! But we have important clues, namely that of polarity, not plus or minus so much but more like male or female. This thought follows from Goethe to Tesla and Steinmetz. Thus Electricity, in order to manifest, a UNION must develop. This is the union of the “male”, or projective, and “multiplied by” the “female”, or receptive. Hereby, the male is the dielectric field in counterspace (of per centimeters), and the magnetic field or female in space (of centimeters squared). Space in c.m. squared is what you pay for in “real estate”, counterspace in per c.m. is the space between the lines on a ruler, or between molecules in a crystal.‘A Common Language For Electrical Engineering’ – Eric P Dollard – Transmission 1 page 3 [underline and bold emphasis mine]
The concept of Dollards counterspace becomes much simpler to picture in the brain when the words ‘counter’ and ‘space’ are swapped. It shouldn’t be called ‘counterspace’ it should be called ‘spacecounter’, because thats what it represents. It is the smallest unit of measurement. ‘Space’ equates to the number of ‘spacecounters’. Spacecounters PER cm is the PERimeter of the enclosing SQUARE of total SPACE(A number greater than or equal to 1 spacecounter). ‘Spacecounter per cm’ is the smallest unit of measurement for the ‘space in cm squared’. In other words, the PERimeter of the SPACE containing multiple (or 1) SPACECOUNTERS is the smallest unit of measurement for the AREA of the SPACE SQUARED. Squared is literal, it literally means draw a square.

Important Note:
  1. In Figure 3, can explain also ball lightning phenomenon. When the two positive and negative force currents are large, together with the high dielectric saturation surrounding environment, the dielectric cannot be released into the environment in time. Then a lightning ball appeared.
  2. With math about counterspace is part of the math for Ether. Tesla's many other mathematical work on Ether is a little-known secret. With the mathematics of Ether, we can conclude that: there is no pure space - where there is nothing. What we consider the outer space or air is simply low capacitance, and it's a shadow of magnetism, formed by the loss of inertia of the dielectric.

Note above I'm just going to be as brief as possible. But I need to mention it, because it's really important in future technology. Moreover, with the mathematical theory for Ether, we can travel to space with just electronic devices. It is teleportation technology after charging. The machine will use the Ether energy (Radiant Energy of Tesla) in the universe itself to travel to space.

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This article is only concerned with the nature of lightning, but has not yet evaluated the sound caused by lightning.

With that said, matter is a condensing dielectric, with no electrons in the atom (Electron theory is a mental disorder in science - as Ken Wheleer said). So Ken Wheleer said that lightning as "Dielectric Breakdown Phenomena" is also true.

Dielectric Breakdown Phenomena

This is a video about the nature of lightning being "Dielectric Breakdown Phenomena"

The main scientific explanation of lightning is incorrect. This leads to inaccurate science and technology. Many lightning protection devices do not work, many cell phone towers are still struck by lightning, even though they are protected by expensive lightning protection devices.

Since hard matter, the gas in the environment (Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, etc.) is the dielectric condenses in an almost permanent state. But those are not the perfect places for the dielectric to release saturation (dissipate dielectric tension). Thus, the dielectric condenses, which must be broken down to create counterspace - allowing lightning to fire.

Lightning phenomenon must use Ether mathematics and Ether physics to explain.

Learn more about Ether energy: