Radiant Energy Examples

Overview of radiant energy

Watt seconds is the dimensions of energy. Mathematically, that means A = W.t, where W is power, A is energy (Joule), t is time.

An example of radiant energy must highlight the identity "Watt seconds".

Some examples of radiant energy are easy to find, but don't have the "Watt seconds" identity:

Virtually anything that has a temperature gives off radiant energy. Some examples of radiant energy include:

  • The heat emitted from a campfire

  • Emission of heat from a hot sidewalk

  • X-rays give off radiant energy

  • Microwaves utilize radiant energy

  • Space heaters produce radiant energy

  • Heat created by the body can be radiant energy

  • Lighting fixtures

  • Home heating units

  • Fixtures that convert solar energy to heat

  • Visible light

  • Gamma rays

  • Radio waves

  • Electricity

  • A surface heated by the sun converts the energy of the light into infrared energy which is a form of radiant energy

  • Cell phones utilize radiant energy to function

  • Magnetic motor generators that utilize neodymium magnets create radiant energy

  • Audio signals that come to home or cars via radio waves

  • Ultraviolet light

  • Infrared radiation

  • The light emitted from a campfire

  • The light generated from a light bulb

  • A heated brake disc giving off heat

  • The heat from a grill used for cooking

  • Water can reflect or absorb radiant energy

  • Soil can absorb radiant energy

  • Light from the sun

  • Heat emitted from a bunsen burner

  • Heat from an overused computer

  • Heat caused by friction

  • Heat emitted from a dryer

  • The heat generated by a light bulb

  • Heat generated through reflection of visible light

  • A window reflects radiant energy

  • Heat created from a stove or oven

  • Heat emitted from a washing machine

"Watt seconds", as it is known in a power consuming device, is a quantity of Wt, and is represented by the power to cause the propeller to spin, lights on, and so on. Usually, the behavior is measured. give it to you to know if "Watt seconds" is correct. But for electrical equipment manufacturers, the calculation of capacity is a secret.

Where did "Watt seconds" come from? That is a question with bold identity of Energy. In fact, "Watt seconds" is generated from the total amount of Electricity Q (Planck).

Here is a quote about the total amount of Electricity Q:
Now let us reach out for a few quantitative relations: The product (line, cross, or dot – unrestricted) of the total amount of Dielectricity multiplied by the total amount of Magnetism (when both are in union) gives the total quantity of Electricity. We will call this quantity of Electricity the letter “Q” and name this “The Planck” after Max Planck. For the Einstein dimensions of the Planck are Energy – Time, but let us not think backwards – ass. Saying this in engineers lingo, the quantity of Electricity, Q, is given as Watt – Seconds – Seconds, or Watt Seconds squared.

Now, in one foot of lamp cord, bounded between the wires, I have say, one million Plancks of electric induction. The frequency is 60 cycles (377 radians) per second. Thusly the quantity of Plancks, Q, is being produced or consumed at a time rate of 377 radians per second, or in other words, Plancks per second. Hence the time rate of variation of the quantity of electric induction hereby gives; Watt seconds squared per second, or dividing out, gives Watt seconds. But Watt seconds is the dimensions of energy. Well golly-gee Mr. Wizard, we have defined energy! And hereby energy is defined as the time rate of the production or consumption of the electric induction, or Q divided by t gives W.

Ψ.Φ = Q ,  the undivided quantity of the total electrification, “Planck”

PSI, Ψ , the total dielectric induction
PHI, Φ, the total magnetic induction

Learn more about Ψ.Φ = Q and radiant energy: Radiant Energy Definition

Therefore, when we take the example of radiant energy, we will take the example of:
The source emits radiant energy
Radiation energy receiver
Environment conducts radiation energy
How is "Watt seconds" created?

  • Understanding how "Watt seconds" are created will tell us how dielectric and magnetism are incorporated in a radiant energy generator or receiver.
  • In terms of transmission medium, there will be 2 types, which are Ether or not Ether. However, the most accurate is still the Ether environment.

Radiant energy examples: Generator, receiver, and "Watt seconds"

1. Tesla coil - source of radiant energy

Tesla's X-Ray tube, part of his method for utilizing "radiant energy," which operated from the top of a Tesla coil, providing a means to charge the "elevated insulated body of capacitance" C, with armatures T-T'.

Radiant Energy Examples - Tesla coil - source of radiant energy
Using Tesla coils as a source of Radiant Energy

The secondary coil of the Tesla coil will be connected to the K terminal of the X-ray tube shown above.

Not much is known about the Tesla coil that generates radiant energy. Furthermore, Tesla coils come in many different versions. For example, the primary winding can be grounded, the primary winding shape can be spiral or vertical, etc.

Many free-energy generators use the principle of Tesla coils, with spark gaps being an indispensable identity. Radiant energy is not necessarily transmitted through the air to the energy-harvesting equipment. That means it is created in the circuit.

Ψ, SPI is generated at the Tesla coil, and it is applied in radio transmitting technology. That is, radio waves are not Maxwell's electromagnetic waves. Radio wave transmission is based on the elasticity of the dielectric Ψ in Ether.
Ψ will be propagated in the Ether elastic form as a sound wave, while the medium contains Φ.

Ψ will be combined with Φ in a receiver or power consuming device to produce Q / t, or "Watt seconds".

2 / The sun - a source of radiant energy

The sun is the source of dielectric energy, or radiant energy. The sun and the Tesla coil are correlated, that is, they both generate radiant energy.

Maybe here's an exact quote from Tesla:

"Earth is a realm, it is not a planet. It is not an object, therefore, it has no edge. Earth would be more easily defined as a system environment. Earth is also a machine, it is a Tesla coil. The sun and moon are powered wirelessly with the eleciromagnetic field (the Aether). This field also suspends the celestial spheres with electo-magnetic levitation. Electromag levitation disproves gravity because the only force you need to counter is the electromagnetic force, not gravity. The stars are attached to the FIRMAMENT." ~ Nikola Tesla

The sun is still a mystery. Therefore, it is not possible to find out clearly the origin of Ψ.Φ = Q at the sun.

Since the sun emits radiant energy, it is not a hydrogen ball undergoing a fusion reaction at the core.

Eric Dollard says of the sun's secret:

3 / Radiation energy receiver

The most famous receiver is still Tesla's radiant energy receiver. With 4 different versions of the energy receiver, countless different versions can be made:

Radiant Energy Examples - Radiation energy receiver

Especially with the 2rd version (Figure 2) is the dielectric tension elastic technology in Ether, with the excitation - resonance method, called the impulse technology.

The problem of  Ψ.Φ = Q and "Watt seconds" in the Tesla Radiant Energy Receiver:

Ψ is pulled down with dielectric energy is infinite, just as the universe is infinite. Furthermore, Ψ will affect Φ in space, which determines space, leading to weather changes.

Weather is real, but it's Tesla blackbook technology. But this technology is definitely deployed from the formula Ψ.Φ = Q.

To build a radiant energy receiver according to figure 1, see this article: How to Build Tesla's Radiant Energy Receiver - Generates 196 watts of continuous day and night with just a few dozen capacitors and Diodes connected to the antenna.

Using version 2 (Figure 2) will use less electronic components, simpler, but generate more power:

Radiant Energy Examples - Tesla's version of radiant energy capture
Tesla's version of radiant energy capture - a type of impulse technology

Dr. Thomas Henry Moray applied the above version to create a 50,000 watt generator.
About Moray's plan:

Practical guide
✰* Revealed At LastAncient Invention Generates Energy-On-Demand
The design includes:
  • Harnessing electricity from the Earth: Neither is Schumann Resonance, nor is it known by Electromagnetism. It's The Sea of Energy in Which the Earth Floats
  • Extracted from ordinary electricity by the method called “fractionation.”
  • Reverse Tesla coil - "Back to Back" mechanism
  • Combination of radiant energy and negative resistance to amplify electricity 
  • And many other plans for Free Energy.

There are many other examples of radiant energy. However, it's all about the dielectric energy in Ether.

...The model of the universe based on Einstein's theory of relativity is not mathematically and logically correct. The universe can be referred to as the Electric Universe for short. The sun is Electricity, there is no detonation pressing the inner core of the sun ... If you don't understand Radiant energy, you won't understand the truth about nuclear energy.