Live Home 3D Pro 4.8.4 Mac

Live Home 3D Pro is an intuitive application for interior design of apartments and houses, as well as landscapes of almost any complexity. The Pro ver


Live Home 3D Pro is an intuitive application for interior design of apartments and houses, as well as landscapes of almost any complexity. The Pro version offers an expanded set of tools and unique export quality.


• Detailed drawings of premises.

• Real-time 3D rendering.

• Unlimited number of floors.

• Collection of built-in video lessons.

• Fast technical support service built into the Assistant program.

• Gallery of house and premises projects.

Drawing tools

• Add a room in one motion using the Room tool.

• Tools for creating straight walls and arc walls.

• Ground Surface, Elevation Isoline, Elevation Isospline, Pit and Path tools to reproduce an identical copy of the landscape around your home.

• Vertical view mode.

• Automatic contour display for furniture and fittings in the drawing.

• Automatic dimension lines for walls, floors and ceilings during the drawing process.

• Supports various units of measurement (inches, feet, meters, etc.).

• Smart dimension lines for setting distances between objects and walls.

• Precise positioning thanks to guides and adhesion mechanism.

Real-time 3D environment

• Lighting control, adding and moving objects, assigning materials - all this right in 3D.

• All 2D and 3D changes are rendered in real time.

• Virtual walks in a 3D interior.

• Setting the FOV (field of view) and projection type of the camera.

• Possibility of installing multiple cameras to display the interior from different points of view.

• Natural lighting thanks to the settings of geo-positioning, time of day and cloud cover.

• Customizable light sources to create a realistic light scene.

• Light source editor for adding lamps to imported objects.

• Corner windows and complex openings.

• Adjust the level of detail on the fly to simplify 3D models and speed up rendering.

• Professional Shadow Map technique for creating soft and natural shadows.

3D models and materials

• 2000+ furniture and other models.

• Import models directly from Trimble 3D Warehouse™ (formerly Google 3D Warehouse™).

• 2100+ surface materials.

• Transfer an image from the Finder and use it as a surface material.

• Advanced material editor (helps you create more complex materials with reflective, glossy and rough surfaces).

• The ability to set the exact size of the tile in the material settings allows you to calculate how many materials will be needed to update your home.

• Import of objects in formats: SketchUp, COLLADA, KMZ, FBX, OBJ and 3DS.

• Polygonal "building block" tool for creating balconies, terraces, etc.

Roofs and attics

• Roof creation assistant with 12 customizable templates.

• Additional control of roof shape.

• Add segments to completely customize your roof.

• 16 customizable loft types.

Export and publish results

• Export 3D images to JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and BMP (up to 16000 x 16000).

• Rendering of realistic video of a virtual walk (in Ultra HD resolution).

• Instantly send a copy of the project via Mail, Messages or AirDrop.

• Export to 3D formats: COLLADA, Trimble SketchUp™, VRML V2.0, X3D, FBX and OBJ.

• iCloud support.